Marathon Petroleum Company

Meet our newest Community Partner

Our newest class of volunteers

All 19 of them!!!!!! are the result of our partnership with Marathon Petroleum Company.  This marks the first time that we know of, where a major American company has decided to step forward in a local community with time, resources, and people, to tackle a pressing human interest problem.  In the last year, this company has made the commitment to CASA/GAL of Hancock County and CASA programs across the country, to promote and support company staff who wanted to make a difference to abused and neglected children in need of a voice in court.  Some thirty volunteers stepped forward.  At this time the agency has 21 Marathon employees volunteering as guardians-ad-litems; 1 Marathon employee volunteering for public activities and security for advocates, when needed; and 1 Marathon employee serving on the CASA Board of Trustees.  This is just the beginning.  More trainings are planned for the future