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CASA/GAL of Hancock County hosts several extraordinary events throughout the year to help raise money to support our work with abused, neglected and dependent children.  Check out the following events and CASA news... we look forward to having you join us!

"be the change you wish to see in the world..."    --  gandhi

Ohio Weather

Yes, we escaped the 2013 flood. It was close but we stayed dry. Now snow and arctic cool. Stay warm, bundle your kids, and be smart. Winter is still in full swing.

Mr. ONU!

Thanks to the Theta girls of Kappa Alpha Theta, Ohio Northern University, for another fun and successful fundraiser.  Mr. ONU is, well, just what you might guess... a beauty, talent contest.  All in fun, contestants posed, danced, and strutted their talents to help raise money for CASA/GAL of Hancock County.  These girls are amazing.

Marathon Petroleum Company

Meet our newest Community Partner
Our newest class of volunteers, all 19 of them!!!!!! are the result of our partnership with Marathon Petroleum Company.  This marks the first time that we know of, where a major American company has decided to step forward in a local community with time, resources, and people, to tackle a pressing human interest problem.  In the last year, this company has made the commitment to CASA/GAL of Hancock County and CASA programs across the country, to promote and support company staff who wanted to make a difference to abused and neglected children in need of a voice in court.  Some thirty volunteers stepped forward.  At this time the agency has 21 Marathon employees volunteering as guardians-ad-litems; 1 Marathon employee volunteering for public activities and security for advocates, when needed; and 1 Marathon employee serving on the CASA Board of Trustees.  This is just the beginning.  More trainings are planned for the future!

Pinwheels for Prevention

Take the time to visit Hancock County's Pinwheel display in front of the Court House. There is one pinwheel representing each investigation of abuse or neglect in the county. You will also see CASA and CPSU banners along main and a large pinwheel painted on the road at the intersection of Crawford and Main Streets.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We encourage you to learn more and get the facts on child abuse in Hancock County. Call 419-424-3262 for more information.

United Way Days of Caring

We have been blessed with a team from Marathon Oil Company, here to help us finish two storage areas. Team members have been dry walling and repairing the ceiling. Painting and shelving is still to come and then we will be able to use these spaces to bring items out of storage.

Kohl's Cares

Thanks to the KOHL's A-Team. We had a great team here to do a spring clean and put together a large mailing. This wonderful program comes through every time.
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